Class times: Mondays at noon, Wednesdays 6:30pm, Fridays 9:45am; more times coming soon


 Burn fat for 24-36hrs after your workout.  Pulse will track your effort on each workout with state of the art heart rate monitoring.  

Country Strong Fitness presents: Pulse. A combination of powers. Technology and group training to transform your challenge inside and outside the gym everyday.  Watch your body turn on it's fat burning capabilities. Pulse is based on scientific studies on how to speed metabolism for fat burn, increase energy levels, improve heart health.  Burn fat for up to 24-36hrs after your workout, when you reach your target heart rates.  We want to pack these classes set to start June 4th at noon; Pulse will include: heart rate monitoring app, instant calorie burn feed back, basic strength, excellent cardio training, stretching, mobility and more! All in one hour. Get in on our pre-program sign-up special.  Bring a friend and receive a rebate.  Click below to for a Free Trial Class.