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Shasta Bike Month: SATURDAY BIKE WOD & BBQ

Buddies. Biking. Burpees. BBQ. Sounds like a good Saturday!

May is Bike Month in Shasta County and we are excited to jump in on that! For the WOD on Saturday, May 25th, we will have our usual partner workout with an added element! Bring your bike if you have one (extra high fives for riding it to the gym!) If you don’t have a bike, no worries: you can always share with a partner or ride the air bike for distance. Bike routes will include heading up to Foothill High School and Palo Cedro Park. Following the WOD, we will be BBQing so bring a dish to share and be ready to hang out! BYOB. Families encouraged to participate. See you then!

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6:30 PM18:30

FREE Resource Night: Relationship Dynamics

Our next installment in our Resource Night Series is tomorrow evening. Wednesday, April 24th at 6:30pm: We will be discussing Relationship Dynamics. ALL THINGS RELATIONSHIP!

This event is for both men and women, couples and singles! We are all in relationship in one way or another on a DAILY BASIS. The information gleaned from this night will be invaluable for all. Darren Smith, our in-house performance counselor and LMFT, will be sharing some insight into the world of communication and relationship with others and ourselves.

We value self-improvement and are excited to provide these free resources to all! There will snacks and refreshments available (if you'd like to bring a healthy appetizer, feel free!). We hope to see you there!

FREE and OPEN to NON-MEMBERS as well! Invite your friends!

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2:00 PM14:00

Spring Fling

Annual competition for Teams of 2. All of the local Crossfit Affiliates schedule a workout for teams to drop in and complete at each Box. Teams are all Guy/Gal or Gal/Gal, beginners welcome. We are always looking for help hosting teams, setting up facility, eating our snacks :). Text us if you want to compete or hang out on Saturday at the gym. 530-547-1119

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6:30 PM18:30

Women's Night

An event that follows our Men’s Night (naturally!) This will be an evening of connection with your fellow females. Let us gather to enjoy some drinks and appetizers while we partake in some awesome conversation with one another. Come to hear our guest speakers share empowering testimonies as well as education on hot topics such as self image and relationships. You won’t want to miss this. Bring your friends and a bottle of wine or an appetizer to share if you’d like!

Women's night.png
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6:00 PM18:00

Anniversary Party

It’s that time of year again! Celebrating 4 YEARS in business with the best staff and members around! Members, please join us for our annual party where we gather for food and fun. Like years past, please bring an appetizer or dish to share. Water will be provided but please BYOB. Dress is as casual or as fancy as you feel.

*Please note, there will not be childcare and the childcare room will be closed.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Where: Palo Cedro CrossFit

When: Saturday, November 3, 2018

Time: 6:00pm

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to Nov 17

Bring a Friend Month!

Starting October 20th (our exact 4 year anniversary!) and continuing until November 17th, you will be able to bring a friend in on SATURDAY'S AND TUESDAYS TO ANY CLASS TIME TO TRY OUT OUR GYM!


Here are the rules of engagement:

  • You must be here to meet them! 

  • We ask for your support to show them the ropes as we could have a flood of people in classes which we will be as prepared for, however, having your support to usher them in along with the coach for that class would be exponentially helpful for us!

  • Showing them the ropes would mean hosting them as if this were your home. Show them the restrooms, where the weights and equipment are, sharing rigs, bars or racks—don't be afraid to stack weight or pull off. Don’t ditch them! :)

  • They are welcome to come to as many classes as there are Tuesdays and Saturday's from October 20th- November 17th! 

  • That gives them a full 4 weeks to experience our gym and coaches, culture, programming, and community to get them on board with us!

We want your friends and family here with you. You guys are our walking poster boards for fitness, healthy lifestyles, and good consistent choices. Maybe you know others who want to do what you do but are not sure they can. They are not sure they can afford it. They are not sure if it's worth it. They are intimidated by the "Crossfit" culture. 

We are here to show them that all of this is scaleable! Our programming will reflect beginners as well as other options for our current clients!

We will be asking to book a 30 minute consult with anyone who walks in the door FREE OF COURSE to assess motivation and if we can help them further while they have free membership! We want them to get the most out of this experience!

With each guest you bring in, you will earn the chance to win some cool prizes at the end!

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to Oct 14

Muscles for MS-Charity Event

Country Strong Fitness is a sponsor.   Maybe some of our peeps want to join in......The competition will include Deadlifts * Clean and Press * Farmers Carry * Truck Pull and Atlas Stones. Strongman will be Saturday, October 13 at the Shasta District Fair & Event Center. BBW will run through Sunday, October 14.  

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6:30 PM18:30

Ladies Night Out

Palo Cedro Crossfit Ladies! Let’s try this again! The last one had to be postponed so here is our second attempt. Join us at Westside Wines for a fun evening with wine and appetizers. Let’s give ourselves something to look forward to. A night of fun and laughs: a chance to bond with our fellow female members outside the gym!

Dress: Anything you feel comfortable in that’s NOT GYM CLOTHES. Wear what makes YOU feel beautiful.

Where: Westside Wines at 1872 Buenaventura Blvd, Redding, CA

When: Friday, August 31, 2018

Time: 6:30pm

Red Cocktail Celebration Instagram Post.jpg
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9:00 AM09:00

Country Strong Comp

Calling all Country Strong Fitness Members! We will be hosting a PARTNER COMPETITION on Saturday, August 18th

We have pushed the comp back by one week to accommodate all who mentioned they would be out of town. This comp is for fun, with a partner, and we will be using the funds from the competition for our upcoming expansion. It may not be a ton that we earn but every little bit helps!

2 main goals with this event:

  1. MASS PARTICIPATION by our members---have no fear, we will program accordingly for all levels!

  2. Raise funds in a fun, healthy way that gets everyone participating in the growth of our gym.


  • $25 per person to sign up
  • Teams of 2

  • You must have a team name. Anything goes.

  • It can be any format of human! Guy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Guy/Guy

  • Don’t worry, we’ll have a sweet point system to make sure it’s fair ;)

  • Both RX and scaled divisions

  • This will be triathlon style event (meaning a three part event like running, rowing, biking, or some other form of movement we know) with a lift event as well. (No swimming, except in your own sweat!)

  • This is not a trophy for everyone deal so it’s a first place for Scaled Team and first place for RX team for the workout portion.

  • There will be a prize for the spirit of the competition award. This means if you show heart, grit, leave it all out on the floor, have stellar attitude, you’ll go home with a little something special! We love to reward effort, baby.

  • If you have a friend from another gym you’d like to invite to participate with you, you are welcome to.  Please be aware that how they treat the equipment and other members must be handled by the invitee (AKA don’t invite any A-Holes. Seriously.) We are all fun here and don’t take this stuff so seriously that we start a fist fight.

  • We will be taking donations if anyone would like to donate above and beyond the comp fee. Or if you are not looking to compete but want to join in the fundraising efforts you can do that as well! These will be kept anonymous.

A message to everyone out there who think they can’t do it: YES, YOU CAN! This all-inclusive event is meant for all fitness levels and ages to participate. Grab a partner and sign up!


Sign up sheet is available in the office.

Entry fees/donations accepted by any coach. (Donations are not tax exempt as we are not a non profit. Sorry!) Cash or check preferred.   

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5:30 PM17:30

Evening Lake WOD

It’s finally on the books! It proved too difficult to nail down a weekend day for this so instead, we’ve decided to take one of our summer WEEKDAY evening classes out to the lake! This is a great time to go, as the lake is nice and peaceful and much less crowded then anyway.  We’re giving you some notice so you can make any necessary arrangements.

Meet for a fun workout and stay for some hangout time with your gym crew! Bring your swimsuit/paddle boards/kayaks/rafts/floaties if you so desire for some recreational time after the WOD.  Pack beverages, snacks, or dinner for yourself if you plan on sticking around and need to refuel.

*We will still have the 4:30 class at the gym in case you can’t make it out and want to stay in town. 5:30 will be held at the lake only.  All morning classes still in session.

*Please note: there is no childcare for this.  If you decide to bring the kids, they are your responsibility.  

Where: Oak Bottom Beach, Whiskeytown Lake

Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Time: 5:30pm

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6:30 PM18:30

Ladies Night Out

Attention: Palo Cedro Crossfit Ladies! Join us at Westside Wines for a fun evening with wine and appetizers.  Let’s give ourselves something to look forward to. A night of fun and laughs: a chance to bond with our fellow female members!

Dress: Anything you feel comfortable in that’s NOT GYM CLOTHES. Wear what makes YOU feel beautiful.

Where: Westside Wines

When: Friday, July 27, 2018

Time: 6:30pm

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2018 Spring Fling; Partner WODs @ all the local boxes

Grab a partner and enjoy a great day of WODS.  Spring Fling is a collaborative event by all of the local Crossfit Gyms.  Each gym will host a partner WOD.  There are both Rx and Scaled versions for all WODS.  We will also need help judging participants we host in our house.  Snacks provided at Country Fitness. Watch here on our events page for details and links to sign-up. 

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8:00 AM08:00

Never Forgotten Games

Thanks to Heather Caldwell we are participating an awesome day to support and honor Peace Officers!  Our Team Sponsored by Country Strong Fitness; Heather C., Ivy S., Ryan S., and Lani B.  Come cheer them on and support an awesome local event. 5 WODs of exciting action.  Barbells, sandbags, T2B and more.  Exact WODs and more info visit Redding Peace Officers Facebook page below.  

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6:00 AM06:00

Pulse begins

Day 1 of Country Strong Pulse! A class scientifically proven to burn fat and strengthen.  Instant feedback with state of the art Heart Rate Monitors that will tell you calories burnt, avg. heart rate, all tracked by monthly goals.   Contact us now for New Program Specials.  Book a No Sweat Free Intro, click below, call or text:530-547-1119

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5:00 AM05:00

6wk Spring Training Program

The success of our 6 week program folks only seem to increase every time we host it!  Our 6 week training programs follow our existing Country Strong Strength and Condition program @ MWF5am, MTTH9:45am or 6:30pm.  Choose your time to have the full experience of training with us.  We simply add additional coaches as needed to make sure you receive the tips, tricks and thorough explanations of movement.  We also offer some basic nutrition guidance if you are ready to catapult results in your 6 weeks.  As with all of our memberships you will have our industry leading app for your phone that keeps you up to date on workouts, class times, performance, attendance and more.  At $189 we know you will see and experience the value!  Reserve you spot quickly before we fill up.  

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to Jun 4

Youth Weightlifting and Strength Camp Ages 12-18

Text Katie to sign-up, questions, details 530-262-7949! Orientation and info day will be April 21st. 11:30am.  Be there to start building stronger youth...Country Strong to be exact.  Pricing varies by attendance minimum of $65mo. for access to 12 classes per month.  Foundational Strength now, knowledge of movement for a lifetime. 

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to May 1

Hold My Handstand Challenge

Win with the most collected time holding your Handstand:   Week 1: 1 min hold available per class attended;    Week 2: 2 min hold available per class attended;  Week 3: 3min hold available per class attended;    Week 4: 4 min hold available per class attended.  See you on the finish line for your $50 prize!  Remember it is consistency that always wins!

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