A path for Teens to build heart and strength.

MWF @ 3:30pm; Jan. 9th-Feb. 4th; $75

Since opening in 2014 we have been resolute about building an excellent teen program.  Our expert Teen Coaches are role models/advocates that increase individuals’ confidence, integrity, and character. Workout design provides fun and results. An environment intentionally designed to keep athletes coming back for more! Feedback from our Teen parents’ prove the benefits of C.S. Teen Program flood into the rest of the athlete’s life.   12-18yr old, state level wrestler to the kid that just needs to move more are welcome! Our convenient location allows students to walk from Foothill and hit our workouts!   The front lobby at Country Strong Fitness is available for teens not yet driving to hang out while rides arrive or parents to sit and observe.

Country Strong Fitness is an accredited vendor for multiple Charter/Home Schools. Contact us now for details.

Country Strong Fitness has also ran fundraisers to raise money for Foothill HS programs.