October 20, 2014 our doors opened as Palo Cedro Crossfit.  1000sqft dedicated to helping the Palo Cedro Community improve their quality of life.  Our motto’s were simple and from the heart: No limits, no judgement, hard work, humility, and to always serve the membership family to the best of our ability.  

“If you are not growing you are dying,” -Karina B.  With this in our hearts we always pursue the best for everything within our means. PCCF quickly grew out of our space, tore down walls and took over another 700sqft in December 2014 for expansion #1. With more square feet we hit a new hurdle of the non physical; Dunbar's number. 

Trainers/clients quickly become friends in our business.   Bonds with our OG's strengthened, oddly; membership numbers still hit a ceiling in 2015(40ish). The ceiling was largely due to Dunbar's #: the number of people each person can maintain a stable relationship with. The Dunbar# hit us hard with Karina running nearly all the classes, all the programming, the back office, mom of two littles and wife.  She had found her Dunbar #.  We had to regroup and knew our mission of Complete Wellness requires a Team. Since then we have had amazing staff! The PCCF Team was ready to crush forward overcame Dunbar's #.

Expansion #2 came January 1st 2016 to our current size of 3,300 sqft. A bit unexpected it fell into our lap because of a neighbor leaving.   We looked at each other and said, "now it's time fill it!!" New website, mentorship, and marketing went into full swing. We grew, we learned, we added classes, equipment and more. Most importantly we built relationship, belonging, and established PCCF in Palo Cedro as a cornerstone of community.   The love that is present and grows binds our tribe to a level of bombproof.

Rolling into 2017 our Team is 6; looking for: system improvements, exposed liabilities, gaps in our game and ways to keep it all FUN! Our first in house comp was a hit.  Our anniversary party a smash.  We all come back for the times with our community and the challenges that make us stronger. Without challenge we would not accomplish, experience breakthroughs, push creative limits, and truly be able to sustain for our members through any storm.  We are grateful to have everyone of our folks!

2018 is rapidly coming to an end!  Staff numbers are up. With the addition of  our Country Strong Mini program for the kid hang out. Now the families are rolling in. Systems are built. Facility is more polished than ever.  Staff is refreshed. Thousands of dollars in new Rogue equipment. Let's roll! Action is the theme of the year.  Refine as we move, like the athletes we all are. Launching multiple new programs, classes, equipment, website(overhaul) and brand name to Country Strong Fitness home of Palo Cedro Crossfit.  This is an easy transition and fitness industry trend that leads us to diversify and improve our business. 

Most exciting as of November 1st 2018 we are now 5,500 square feet. Phase one of this expansion is set to be complete by Thanksgiving. Please stop by any time and check out all of our elbow room.

Goal was set, goal met. Our expansion is ready for use. We are beyond blessed to have such an awesome facility. Our rock solid partnership with our building owner has allowed us to occupy nearly all the building. There is some finish work left but as always we are filling it with new faces on the weekly. Thank you to many who helped us not only expand 2,300sqft; also remodel a bathroom. Humbled as usual by the support of our amazing community.

2019 we push into concepts the expansion has made available. The “Hybrid” membership. A mix between group class and open gym to accommodate individual goals. We have begun the outfitting of a space for individuals to train with and without coaches. More equipment and details are coming soon!

Most exciting is the educational videos and content we hope to create to empower our people beyond our walls. The 3 seeds: Body-Nutrition-Heart/Mind needed to truly live in happiness and health. Country Strong Fitness is the water for these seeds within all of us.

Thank you for your time!  Karina and I and all our crew hopes to see you in our doors soon!  -Lani B.